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Clippsys System

01 / For a slimmer design with an easier assembling

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02 / For an easier assembling

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03 / For a noiseless closure

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Locking buffers

04 / For a safer solution with
locking buffers



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26 Outubro, 2022JBMC News

Our transformation for a positive impact has always been in our acts. Since 2017, thanks to the installation of 700 m² photovoltaic panels, 25% of our electricity consumption comes from solar self-production. This year, we improved our roofs power and increased the area of photovoltaic panels to a total of 1.200 m². Now, we are […]

12 Julho, 2022JBMC News

In JBMC Injection area, where we produce our Thermoplast toilet seats and most of the components that are required, we do the maximum effort to achieve 0% waste. How? Well, in our internal recycling unit every single waste like sprues, runners, gates and non-conforming products are separated by materials and colours. Using state-of-the-art recycling technology […]

1 Junho, 2022JBMC News

Every day is a good day to learn with the most creative brains! So, today we remember the help that some creative designers from CISC – Centro Infantil e Social de Cesar gave us. In the beginning of the year, we had the opportunity to share the experience between two different worlds. On the one […]

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