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01 / Matte finish without paint in all colours!

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Clippsys System

02 / For a slimmer design with an easier assembling

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03 / For a noiseless closure

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Locking buffers

04 / For a safer solution with
locking buffers



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17 Janeiro, 2024JBMC News

The non-reflective finishes, devoid of any gloss or shine, are the most popular choices for contemporary bathrooms. Typically, this effect is achieved using matte paints, which cannot offer the same product longevity as a classic finish. To keep our product’s quality and achieve a durable matte finish, we recommend avoiding the use of paints and […]

9 Novembro, 2023JBMC News

JBMC team is extremely proud to announce that our performance has, once again, been distinguished, but this time with the SME Excellence 2022 Status. This certification awarded by IAPMEI (Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) in partnership with a number of the most important financial institutions in the country, recognises companies for their performance qualities […]

19 Setembro, 2023JBMC News

It is well-known that at JBMC, we have our full internal development focused on the mission to ensure the success of our customers. Our team is specialized in providing customized solutions for your products, including packaging, labels, assembly instructions or branding. Speaking of branding, we offer a new option for our customers. In addition to […]

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